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  Desert Craft: An Initiative by Urmul, Bikaner Handicraft Products By Desert Craft, Bikaner  


Western Rajasthan is the home to traditional crafts and textiles. Desert Craft aims to work with as many of these crafts and provide sustenance to artisans and traditional skills of the region. The products have been categorised under the following four main heads of womenswear, menswear, accessories and furnishings and have been produced broadly using the techniques of handloom weaving, hand embroidery, tie and dye and latheing.

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Women's Wear
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Handmade fabric
A range of medium to heavy weight fabrics are made on 2-4 peddle frame looms. The weavers based in Bikaner district are well known for their skills in weaving wool fibre, which is also available in huge quantities locally. They have now diversified into weaving both cotton and wools ranging from 2/60s to 2/10s in cottons and 2/32s and 2/60s count in wool. The uniqueness in design is given by creating interesting textures by play of colour, weave construction and play of yarn qualities.

Tie and dye
The famous bandhej craft of Rajasthan is used to create intricate patterns on stoles and fabric lengths. The brightly coloured bandhej textiles created on lightweight cotton are best as summers wears and function as great accents for simple clothing.

Hand embroidery
The garments and accessories are embellished using traditional hand embroidery and mirror work. A combination of basic stitches and traditional embroidery gives a rich and ethnic look to simple garments.

Lac accessories
Lac work is another craft that is prevalent in Rajasthan. Lac which is actually a tree resin is extracted by lac insect. The lac is collected from trees and sold as lac sticks in the market. It is a heat sensitive product and can be melted and mixed in any colour. The coloured cubes can then be moulded into any shapes and sizes to create a whole range of accessories like bangles, ear rings etc. A combination of two to three colours can create interesting textures and patterns on the product. They can also be embellished with coloured stones and beads.

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Leather products and Mojri by Desert Craft
womens wear by Desert Craft, Bikaner
Lac Bangles by Desert Craft, Bikaner

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